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Bulletproof Home Security Book

Bulletproof Home Security Book

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1 Cheap Home Depot Trip Turns Your Home Into Fort Knox

According to the FBI, a home invasion happens every 15 seconds in the United States. That’s over 4,800 invasions every day!

But this book lets you lock down your house tighter than any security system ever could – and for a tiny fraction of the price!

The average alarm system costs around $600 per year… but in reality, will do nothing to actually keep intruders out of your home. It’ll only try to scare them away.

This book, on the other hand, shows you how to ensure intruders never get inside your home in the first place.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to Turn Your Windows Into “Transparent Steel” - Without this, intruders can break into your house easier than a 24-hour Walmart.

  • 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Front Door a Hardened Barricade - 85% of home invasions happen through the front door. This info makes sure your home doesn’t become another statistic.

  • Every Home’s BIGGEST Weak Spot - All houses have it, and it’s just begging to be broken into. But you’ll see how to lock it up tighter than Fort Knox.

  • 4 Common Mistakes That Mark You As a Prime Target - You might as well be waving a big red flag that says “rob me” if you’re doing these things.

  • Plus MUCH more!

The security measures in this book are also stupid simple – no special skills or handyman services needed.

If you have a power drill and a little spare cash to spend at the hardware store… you can make your home so secure that a SWAT team would have trouble getting inside.

Get a hardcopy of this book today and see for yourself!

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